Ethos and Values

At Diss Community and Church Primary School Federation we provide a happy and safe learning environment in which the children thrive. Everyone is expected to show mutual trust and respect for all of our community. We teach the children to be inclusive and tolerant. This enables them to develop self discipline and become resilient learners. We encourage them not to say’ I can’t do this’ … but instead they know to say ‘I can’t do this yet’, knowing that with practice they can achieve their goals.
Like all schools, we strive for academic success and believe strongly in the importance of the education of the whole child. So to this end, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum, often engaging with activities beyond the school gates, that not only meet their needs, but regularly challenge them too.

We believe that education is a life long journey and that having a positive attitude to learning that is reinforced by parents, in conjunction with good  home/school liaison, is central to the children’s aspirations and success.

Within this common vision, each of the three settings of the federation maintain their own distinctiveness.  Our Junior School is Church of England school has a Christian foundation and the Infant School and Children’s Centre have a Community foundation underpinning them.

How a Church School is different from a Community School

  • Ensures that the school is led by a Headteacher who is committed, with the help of staff, to establish and maintain the Christian character of the school in its day to day activities and in the curriculum
  • Engages meaningfully in a real act of Christian worship every day. In our school this includes a Christian greeting, School Prayer & Grace before lunch (also said at the Infant School) and Prayer Spaces (at various points in the year)
  • Offers a school life that incorporates the values of the Christian faith
  • Ensures that religious education is given at least 5% of school time and that the character and quality of religious education are a particular concern of the Headteacher and the governing body
  • Observes the major Christian festivals
  • Ensures that all faiths are able and encouraged to mark their major festivals with integrity. Treat those of other and no faith with respect.
  • Maintains and develops an active and affirming relationship with a parish church
  • Proclaims that it is a Church of England school on its external signboard and on its stationery and make appropriate use of Christian symbols inside and outside the school

Both the Christian character of the Junior School and the strong social, cultural and moral underpinning of the Infant School reflect the way that the school provides a safe and happy environment in which learners are well cared for. Our caring and forgiving ethos needs to be perpetuated by adults and children resulting in pupils becoming young citizens with a strong moral compass. This is exemplified by the effective inclusion of all pupils with and a determination and commitment to ensure that every child achieves their potential.