We want your child to have the best possible experience and learning opportunities at our school. You can support us with this by ensuring that their attendance is good.

The National Curriculum, which the children follow in school, involves children building each day with knowledge and experiences. If a child misses a day then there are likely to be gaps in their learning and understanding. This will then impact on their future learning and understanding. National statistics have proved that children with poor attendance achieve less well than children who attend well. Spending time with their peers enables them to build relationships and confidence during their time in the classroom and at play. We think that this is very important.

If your child is unwell, we understand that it may be unavoidable for them to miss school. We would like to support you as much as possible and if there is something that we could do to help, please talk to us about this.

There may also be times when you may need to request time off due to compassionate grounds, for example a family bereavement or religious festival. These circumstances, along with any holiday requests, will need to be completed on a ‘Leave of Absence’ form obtainable from our school office. Please note that term time holidays will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. Whilst we sympathise with the inflated costs that tour operators implement during school holidays, we have a responsibility to adhere to the guidelines set out by the Department for Education. We are also accountable to Ofsted for our attendance figures and our actions to promote good attendance.

Any pupils whose attendance falls to 90% or less is classed as a ‘Persistent Absentee’ and we have a duty to respond to this appropriately.

Please feel free to talk to us if you would like to discuss any issues around attendance.

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