Admissions Procedure

In our school children enter in the beginning of the academic year in which they become eight. The majority of our children transfer directly from Diss Infants and Nursery School. The Local Authority issues preference forms to parents in November and parents have until mid January to complete the form. Norfolk LA then considers all applications and allocates places and notifies parents.

website_2016_3The criteria Norfolk LA applies when considering applications are as follows. Children living nearest to the school who:

1. Hold a Statement of Special Educational Needs naming the school.
2. Have a brother/sister already at the school.
3. Have no brother/sister at the school.

Children living outside the school area who:

1. Have a brother/sister at the school.
2. Attend feeder schools.
3. Have no brother/sister at the school.

Where parents are seeking to have their child admitted part way through an academic year or if their child is not at Diss Infants School, applications can be made directly to the Local Authority. The same criteria will still apply; Norfolk LA will handle all appeals.

A Parents’ Induction Evening is held in June when new parents visit the school and meet staff who will answer any questions or queries they may have. Parents who wish to have their child admitted at other times can make an appointment to be shown round by the Headteacher.

For information about oversubscription criteria (how we offer places if there are more applicants than places) or any other queries please visit Norfolk County Council School Admissions.