Following our success at the local primary cricket tournament, held a few weeks ago at Diss High School, as one of the winning teams, Team Diss went through to play-offs before the ultimate Norfolk Schools final.

In ideal weather and pitch conditions, Diss took on teams they had never played before and after a first match win, which, following a recount was sadly given to Thurton, our team put on a storm of batting and bowling, comfortably wining the second match.

However, match three against boundary-huggers Brooke saw the points slip away and even one team member taking a catch in the face couldn’t stop the torrent of fours that came our way. ¬†Finally, the news following our fourth game that it had been lost by just three points, meant we were sadly out of the tournament.

Well done to Ryan, Corey, Ryan, Ellen, Corey, Marta, Wiktoria, Freddie, Theo, Hadyn and Ellis for all round sportsmanship, dedication to the highest standards and great teamwork.

Team Diss WILL be back.